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Daily Data

An online audience is an invaluable asset but building one is hard.

Dazzle helps you by taking daily snapshots of your Twitter data.

This data is used to track your progress, helping you maintain consistency and growth.

Using daily data points, you'll quickly be able to spot trends and react accordingly.

Plan Comparison

Pro: unlimited history
Free: 7 day history

Dazzle is my go-to Twitter analytics platform. Data is beautifully presented, and the site is developing at an amazing pace, with new features added regularly. I’m excited to see how it develops in future! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Daniel Cranney @danielcranney
daily data

Tweet Inspiration

Content is king but content creation is tedious and time consuming.

Dazzle's Inspire uses AI to write stunning content for you, eliminating writer's block and providing endless ideas.

Streamline your content creation process and focus on growing your business with Dazzle.

Try it today and experience the magic of hassle-free content creation.

Plan Comparison

Pro: 1,000 credits per day
Free: not available

1,000 credits is enough to write approx. 10 tweets

Tweet Analysis

Surface your best content to see what works and what doesn't.

Dazzle tracks, analyses and compiles all of your tweets into a filterable table.

Quickly find your best performing content and see what resonates with your audience.

Filter by; Impressions, Replies, Likes, Retweets, Quotes, Profile Clicks or EPI (engagement per impression).

Plan Comparison

Pro: full tweet analysis
Free: not available
tweet analysis

Being a marketer, I love keeping track of my metrics, and it's no different with Twitter. Dazzle helps me see how my audience is growing, understand what is working and allows me to keep track of my goals and milestones. I particularly love the colorful UI! Best of all, Andy is constantly improving and adding more cool features. Dazzle is an awesome Twitter tool that gets the job done 🤩

Roberto Robles @robertodigital_


Data is a powerful tool to possess but it can become intimidating.

Dazzle processes your data, displaying it elegantly in easy to understand insights.

Insights give you a bird's-eye view of your performance levels in the past, the present and even the future.

They'll motivate you to remain consistent and keep you on track.

Plan Comparison

Pro: advanced insights
Free: basic insights

Dazzle has what Twitter doesn't; a milestone tracker that lets me follow my achievements and keep leveling up.

Dazzle Charts? So beautiful and encouraging and tracking them everyday made my Twitter game took off. You won't need no other analytics tool.

Amine Aouragh @TheAmineAouragh


Dazzle shows you who follows and unfollows, giving you the complete picture.

Monitoring how your audience changes over time lets you identify spikes in growth.

Maintaining healthly relationships with your audience is paramount.

Plan Comparison

Pro: follows & unfollows
Free: not available

Dazzle is an amazing Twitter analytics platform that is accurate. It's where I go for my stats.

The platform is constantly being worked upon & the roadmap for it is an exciting one. I can't wait to see where Andy takes this.

яєαℓιѕт נανѕтαн @RHJOfficial

Profile Check

Great content gets you profile views but a great profile converts those views into followers.

Dazzle makes sure your profile is optimised by performing regular health checks.

The health check screening identifies incomplete sections and reports back with any fixes required.

Running regular profile health checks makes sure you are optimising your chances to convert profile views into followers.

Plan Comparison

profile health check

I always needed a platform where I could track daily progress of my profile, found Dazzle accidentally and now it's on the first place of my bookmarks bar!

I always recommend Dazzle to my friends ✨🙌

Shreya @eyeshreya


Understanding where you are is great but being able to see where you'll be is better.

Dazzle analyses your data then predicts the future with milestones.

Milestones calculate how many days until you'll reach your next target.

Goals are easier to achieve when you have clearly defined targets.

Plan Comparison

Pro: custom milestones
Free: fixed milestones


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